A long time is no time.


What is a long time in martial arts. I’ve been training now over 24 years… and this may seem like a long time but really it’s not a long time at all.

A lot of this time I have seen read and heard a lot about many things buy lots of people. I don’t have to agree or dissagree with it, but I read listen and hear. So in the time I’ve been training whats my passion. Well the main recurring theme in my training is the enjoyment of Kata or what ever you like to call them in your training. But lets just say, the predetirmined routines that are at the very heart of your style.

To me if your style does not have Kata then it’s predominatly a sport and I’ll leave you with that.

Kata to me is the core and foundation of what a martial art style is. Its a nice package containing pretty much everything you need to become proficient in defence, attack, health and fitness. (when done correctly, with intent and understanding)

There are pleanty of people out there that have and are doing enormous amount of research in the where, how and why kata exist and came from. Some of these would be Billy Manne (http://www.energym.com.au), Iain Abernethy (http://iainabernethy.co.uk), John Burke, Vince Morris, Patrick MCCarthy, Higaonna, Taira, Clarke, Dilman… well the list is huge and everyone of them have some very specific and amazing writings. The thoughts I have are similar in ways, and extesnions of what they say, but I have them formulated to suit my way of thinking.

My mentor in my martial arts training is Billy Manne, it’s fair to say that he taught me every technique I use or have used, it’s also fair to say he gave me the skills to develop a greater understanding on what he taught. This understanding has taken over 20 years to cultivate, and my knowledge is growing the more I look at it (my training).

In My World…

To many people martial arts is a purely personal endeavour where we are building a better you, following the path of martial arts in what ever form that is for you. The musings I post here are for my benefit and expression. I’ll attempt to be open and unbias as much as possible, though these are ideas and thoughts from my own world. The statement “in my own world” means to me for me by me. If you have an opinion please let me know, I want to hear and learn as much as possible about anything and everything in this area. I don’t think I’m right I don’t think I’m wrong, I’m just thinking.

Let the thinking commence.