On history and the masters

I can understand the desire for a lot of people to look at the past masters, the “founding fathers of modern karate” and place an importance on them and their teachings…

But whats the reality, many generations have come and gone in their teachings, alterations, changes and updated ideas added to what they started so many years ago. It is the way of things (change, adaptation, improvements). Its difficult to know what they were thinking let alone what hey wanted to share with others. Many did not record the styles and applications at the time of the development of the routines and Kata. Those that did are a reference for general terms, yet I feel much of the application information on what you are doing at this point in a Kata or routine, was lost in the staged images and stilted descriptions of the time, either by translation or because they didn’t what the full description to be outed.

I think with the technology we have at the moment, the use of video you can see exactly what is meant to happen at a point in time with the moves you are doing, weather its in a Kata or a routine. Provided the demonstrator can explain why how and when you can apply these moves then its all good.

Take a look at youtube, you’ll all manner of modern master touting their stuff… some good some not so good, but the reality there is you can look listen and get an understanding of their knowledge and make the judgment for yourself on weather they know it or are full of it… (you filter out what you don’t want…brilliant). For all I know you maybe sitting there thinking this guy is full of it… if you are good, that’s how it’s meant to be. I think I speak some kind of sense… but then all of us do huh.

(more to come)…

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